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What is Service-Learning

Service-learning unites academic study with community action. Formal study provides a context for service experiences, which in turn enrich formal classroom learning. By combining the accomplishment of a public task with a defined educational goal, service-learning pushes students to be more than just volunteers. Service-learning students search for systemic solutions to social problems, vote responsibly, engage in advocacy campaigns, and consume resources responsibly and ethically. Service is a vehicle and a reminder for us to hold ourselves accountable for all the choices we make because they affect our local, national, and global communities.

Expand your learning and put it into action: See and experience concepts you've learned about in the classroom in the context of the “real world.” Learn how to use your knowledge to make changes.

Broaden your horizons and perspectives: Put yourself in contact with those who have experienced life differently from you. Listen to their stories and learn from them.

Make new friends and alliances: See who shares your interests; meet and get to know people from other communities and organizations.

Learn practical skills: Improve your tutoring skills, enhance your foreign-language proficiency with native speakers, build and paint houses, and learn to communicate with people from every background.

Challenge yourself, your abilities, and your attitudes: Push yourself physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Reconsider your preconceptions.