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Located near BSC in West End, Urban Kids at Urban Ministry is an after-school program for children ages 8-12. If offers various enrichment activities that encourage academic achievement as well as spiritual and character development. At Urban Kids, students from low-income backgrounds have a safe, structured, and nurturing environment where they can learn and develop meaningful relationships with peers, staff and volunteers.

BSC students can volunteer at Urban Kids from Monday to Thursday from 3:30-6:00 pm. Volunteers assist with homework, listen to students read, help with activities, and spend quality time with students. Students are encouraged to go regularly each week, so that the students know them well, and are comfortable with them.

The director of Urban Kids is Kuryne Lee. She joined the staff in the spring of 2012, and has made many beneficial changes to the structure of Urban Kids that have helped the program grow and develop.

Interested in volunteering? Please contact Lauren Patterson (lepatter@bsc.edu) for more information.

In order to volunteer with Urban Kids you must fill out a background check. Please visit http://www.ministryopportunities.org/urbanministry to do so.

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