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Success stories

BSC history graduates follow a number of diverse paths. All are equipped and succeed regardless of the direction their careers take.

  • About a quarter of our majors go on to law school, including recent graduates at Michigan, Alabama and Cumberland.

  • Others are pursuing graduate programs in history at Georgetown, South Caro­lina, University of Massachusetts Amherst and North Carolina.

  • We have alumni completing graduate degrees in archeology, political science, art history, as well as careers in elementary and secondary education.

  • Many of our graduates go on to do service in the military, careers in government ser­vice or work in the non-profit sector.

“My experiences at BSC, and particularly the skills I developed in my history courses, have proven absolutely invaluable here at Michigan Law School. Michigan Law is one of the best and most competitive law schools in the country. I am competing with kids from Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, and the rest of the big-name schools and I’m as prepared or better prepared than the average student here.”
PETER STARR ‘09 / History
University of Michigan Law School