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Learning outcomes

The history faculty engages students in an inquiry into the past. By reconstructing earlier civilizations and perceiving various ages within a time frame stretching from prehistory to the present, the history student comes to see an age in relationship to what came before and what follows. A sense of continuity is developed that expands mental horizons, permits fruitful comparisons to be made with the present, and allows a more acute awareness of one’s surroundings. The effort to understand the peoples of the past makes use of various skills and techniques including the evaluation of evidence, employment of imagination, research skills in diverse sources of information, and effective oral and written communication skills.

Upon completion of the history major, students will be able to

  • articulate a thesis that is historical and argumentative,
  • compose an historical argument using primary sources in support of an appropriate thesis,
  • and engage with secondary sources by situating one’s own thesis and argument within the topic’s historiography.