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Department: Political Science, Economics, Sociology

Bob SlagterBob Slagter

Professor of Political Science


Harbert 322

Contact Information:

Birmingham-Southern College
Box 549007
900 Arkadelphia Rd
Birmingham, AL 35254
Office Phone: (205) 226-4839
Office Fax: (205) 226-4847
E-mail: rslagter@bsc.edu

Brief Career Background:


Educational Background:

1990 Ph.D. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois, Political Science
1977 MA Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois, Political Science
1974 BA Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois, Political Science

Areas of Academic Interest:

I am very interested in Asian culture, society and politics especially the countries of Southeast Asia. These countries provide case studies for cultural analysis as well as comparisons of strategy and success at political and economic development.
I regulary teach courses on American politics as well as statisitcs and research methods, the tools of social science.

Courses Taught:

PS 101 Introduction to American Government and Politics (1)
A survey of research on the institutions of American government–the Presidency, the Congress, and the Supreme Court–and on political behavior at the mass, elite, and organizational levels. Questions of democratic theory are applied to the American context. Fall, Spring.

PS 304 Research Methodology (1)
The scientific method applied to social and political phenomena: formulating hypotheses; techniques for collecting data, measuring variables, and interpreting research findings. The course includes a laboratory in which statistical procedures are applied, interpreted, and documented through completion of a significant research project. Also listed as SO 304, this course may be counted for credit in either political science or sociology. Prerequisite: PS 204. Spring.

PS 330 Constitutional Law: The Rights and Privileges of the Individual (1)
The guarantees of the rights of person and property as reflected by Supreme Court decisions balancing individual and governmental power. Prerequisite: PS 101 or consent.

PS 342 Comparative Political Development (1)
An introduction to theories and strategies of political development. Emphasis is placed on applying the theories to a developing nation or area (an IC designated course). Prerequisite: PS 238 or consent.

PS 361 Politics in China and Japan (1)
An examination of the current political systems of the two countries with focuses on political culture, elites and masses, political institutions and processes, current issues, and political change. This course may be counted by Honors Program students toward fulfillment of their course requirements (an IC designated course). Prerequisite: PS 238 or consent.

PS 472 Senior Research Project in Political Science (1)
Extension of the Seminar for Majors (PS 470). It functions as a capstone experience where students conduct independent research under the supervision of the political science faculty and where they come together to discuss key issues for the discipline. In addition to completion of significant research, to be presented to the campus community, students will take up important questions for political science such as the future and scope of the discipline, quantitative versus qualitative analysis, and the application of political science to the solution of problems confronting community.