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Department: English

Susan K. HagenSusan K. Hagen

Mary Collett Munger Professor of English, Interim Provost


Munger 211

Contact Information:

Box 59001
Birmingham-Southern College
900 Arkadelphia Rd
Birmingham, AL 35254
Office Phone: (205) 226-4650
Office Fax: 226-4623
E-mail: shagen@bsc.edu

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Brief Career Background:

BSC faculty member since 1976, published on medieval allegory (Allegorical Remembrance, Univ. GA Press, 1990), and various articles on Chaucer and Julian of Norwich, both 14th cen. English writers.

Professional service: Coordinator of English Faculty, Chair- Division of Humanities, Associate Dean of the College, Director of the Harrison Honors Program, Associate Provost.

Full C.V. is available at http://faculty.bsc.edu/shagen/cv.htm.

Currently serves as a Senator of the Phi Beta Kappa Society.

Educational Background:

1969 AB Gettysburg College, magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa
1972 MA University of Maryland
1976 PhD University of Virginia

Areas of Academic Interest:

  • Middle English Literature
  • Medieval and post-medieval Arthurian Literature, the Visual Arts, and Feminist Theology

Courses Taught:

EH 102 Introduction to Writing (1)
Techniques of expository prose. Prerequisite: placement by English faculty. Fall, Spring.

EH 200 Introduction to Literature (1 )
Critical approaches to poetry, short stories, and drama. Prerequisite: EH 102 or 208. Fall, Spring.

EH 204 Writing for the Print Media (1)
A survey of writing styles and techniques appropriate for news writing, public affairs reporting, and feature articles for the print media. Prerequisite: EH 102 or 208.

EH 220 Literature and the Social Experience (1)
An introduction to the social interpretation of literature through study of a faculty-selected topic (such as African-American literature, war in literature, literature and the environment, or androgyny in literature), focusing on a cultural movement, a social issue, or the perspective of a social group. The course can be taken only once for credit. Prerequisite: EH 102 or 208.

EH 248 Monsters, Monarchs, and Monastics: Legacies of Medieval Literature in Popular Culture (1)
An introductory course focusing on critical approaches to literature. Using medieval literature in translation and texts from popular culture the course introduces students to the fundamentals of literary interpretation. Texts range from Arthurian romances to contemporary trade-market mysteries. Considerable attention is also given to technology in teaching and learning. Prerequisite: EH 102 or 208, or consent. Spring.

EH 250 Survey of British Literature (1)
An introduction to major British prose and verse written from the Anglo-Saxon period to the present. Prerequisite: EH 102 or 208.

EH 350 Chaucer (1)
A reading of the Canterbury Tales and other selected major poems of Chaucer in Middle English. Also listed as HON 350, this course may be counted by Honors Program students toward fulfillment of their course requirements. Prerequisite: any 200-level literature course. (Category 3)

EH 351 Medieval British Literature (1 )
Studies in British prose, poetry, and drama of the Middle Ages. Prerequisite: any 200-level literature course. (Category 3)

EH 355 Romance: Medieval to Gothic to Modern (1)
A survey and analysis of the development of the genre of romance from its English origins in the Middle Ages to contemporary popular fiction. Special attention is given to modern methods of analysis. Prerequisite: any 200-level literature course. (Category 1)

EH 470, 471, 472 Senior Seminar (1)
Advanced study of selected topics within a specific area of language or literature. Students may enroll for a second seminar on a separate topic as one of their electives. Prerequisite: senior standing or consent.

HON 247 An Arthurian Primer (1)
An investigation of three prominent stands of the Arthurian legend--the Grail quest, the adulterous love of Lancelot and Guinevere, and Arthur as the Once and Future King. Resources in literature, history, and visual art will be brought together to study how these Arthurian motifs have been used artistically and socially to promote cultural ideals from medieval England and France to contemporary America.

EH/HON 249 Literature, Visual Art, and Digital Images (1)

A survey of various approaches to the relationships between verbal and visual arts from the Middle Ages to the present, including emerging relationships between literature and digital media.  Study includes works in one medium inspired by those of another, works in visual and verbal media from the same period, and artists of multiple forms. Prerequisite: EH 102 or 208.