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More than one in ten of our graduates go into business--some as entrepreneurs; some as bankers or insurance executives. As the wordsmiths of the business world, many directors of marketing and promotions get their start as English majors. Whether in the private sector or non-profit organizations, fundraising and development work starts with critical thinking and writing. Knowing how to communicate clearly and persuasively is also an asset to our alumni in real estate, sales, and business management.

O'Bryan Hewitt,

"The English major, with its emphasis on the techniques of critical reading and logical, coherent structuring of information, sets students up to succeed tremendously in the professional world."

O'Bryan Hewitt, Class of 2011
MA Candidate in International Economics & Finance
University of Queensland, Australia

I graduated from Birmingham-Southern College in 2011 with a double major in English Literature and Business Administration. I am currently in the midst of my Masters in International Economics & Finance at the University of Queensland. I think the most valuable skill I have is one I developed extensively at BSC--and that's critical thinking. The English major, with its emphasis on the techniques of critical reading and logical, coherent structuring of information, sets students up to succeed tremendously in the professional world.

Soon I will be entering the profession of management consulting. Simply put, a management consultant is one who solves business problems for their client. For the most part, the business knowledge can be learned on the job--and most management consulting firms know this and thus accept applications from all disciplines–but critical thinking is a skill employers expect as a prerequisite. And it is one that the English major fully prepares its students to have upon graduation.

Molly Griffin

Molly Griffin, Class of 2004
Owner, Miss Moxie
Fashion Consulting Service

Miss Moxie, a personal shopping and wardrobe styling business, was created out of a passion rooted in making others feel beautiful. The foundation of my business is designed to bring love, life, and laughter to your lives, to ignite passion in your hearts, and spark insatiable creativity among many!

Starting my own business was a detailed process, not an overnight decision. Taking Miss Moxie from a pipe dream to a daily reality required serious goal setting, realistic benchmarks to reach those goals, and a determination to wake up happy everyday because I'm doing what God gifted me to do! Life is too short to settle for anything less than fabulous, so dig deep and tap into your inner Moxie and make it happen.

My hope is to touch lives by sharing my creativity, gifts, and love for all things beautiful and to bring out everyone's inner Moxie along the way!

Laura Brooks BrightLaura Brooks Bright, Class of 2002
Marketing Manager at
Brookwood Medical Center

Since graduating from 'Southern, Laura's career trajectory has taken her from Web Developer to Public Relations Coordinator to Marketing Director. Along the way, she has remained active in the community and serves on the Boards of the Mountain Brook Chamber of Commerce, the Southern Environmental Center at BSC, the Advisory Board for the Department of Entrepreneurship, Management and Marketing at Samford University, and is the immediate past Communications VP for the Junior League of Birmingham.

I recall sitting at my childhood desk, writing a letter to a camp friend when it hit me, "I want to be a writer." And so I pursued it singlehandedly until I'd accomplished it. My interims were spent journal writing at sea, a stint at Heavy Equipment News (if you can write about tractors, you can write about anything), diving into the business of press relations with Senator Sessions' Press Secretary, and a self-guided, modern-day reflection on the streets of Dublin recounting James Joyce's Dubliners.

I earned my Master's degree in Journalism from the University of Alabama and continued to hone my skills through freelance feature writing for Birmingham magazine. Little by little, I realized that the art of writing, and communicating, was absent in all too many business settings.

And with that knowledge, and an entrepreneurial spirit, I saw where my future lay in the business world. From inspired small businesses to beloved nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies, my career has taken me from web design and development to sales to PR, landing opportunely into strategic Marketing, my current resting spot. I served as Marketing Director for Whole Foods Market in Birmingham and a recent industry shift landed me at Brookwood Medical Center as their Marketing Manager.

My love of volunteer service was borne of the values instilled in me as a child and blossomed during my time at Birmingham-Southern. And my love of the written word was borne of the same. There's not a profound-post college experience that doesn't have my English background laced into it somewhere – from Graduate-level study abroad in Ireland visiting the stomping grounds of Wilde, Beckett & Shaw, to the reading of Yeats at my wedding, to the inclusion of Shakespeare on our daughter's birth announcement ("Though she be but little, she is fierce!" — A Midsummer Night's Dream). It all began on the Hilltop. And for that, my heart will always be there.