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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you offer certification in?Studnet teacher

Certification Programs and Class B Certificates:

Biology 6-12
Chemistry 6-12
Collaborative Education K-6
Elementary Education K-6
English Language Arts 6-12
History 6-12
History and General Social Studies 6-12
Mathematics 6-12
Physics 6-12
Spanish 6-12
Visual Arts P-12

Do you offer education graduate programs or classes at night?

At this time, BSC only offers undergraduate programs. Education classes are only held during the day since there are clinical practice hours that can only be fulfilled during regular school hours.

How can I get certification only?

Students with a bachelor's degree and a 2.75 grade average from BSC or other institutions can earn a Class B Certification with appropriate coursework including student teaching if they meet and maintain entrance requirements to the Teacher Education Program.

If I have a bachelor's degree, how long will it take to become certified to teach?

The number of courses required to complete certification varies with the student's academic background. If the student is admitted into the TEP program with a bachelor's degree, it may take between 2 to 4 semesters including student teaching to complete certification. For elementary/collaborative certification, you must have 12 hours of coursework in each of the academic areas of English/Language Arts, Science, Math, and Social Science. Students seeking certification in secondary education and the arts must major in their field to be certified to teach. They must have at least 32 hours in their academic major with 19 of these at the 300 level or above.

Where can I find posting of jobs for teachers?

The BSC Education Department partners with the Counseling and Career Development Center to hold recruiting days with local school systems for its students and alumni. School systems also are given access to post jobs on this site. The BSC Career Services webpage: http://www.bsc.edu/campus/career/index.cfm also has links to some useful sites for job hunting.

The Alabama Department of Education has also established an on-line single application and job listing service that can be used for school systems recruiting state-wide. You can reach this site to both apply and see jobs listed at: http://www.alsde.edu/home/Default.aspx search “Teach in Alabama” and click on “Teach in Alabama.”

Education employment opportunities are also available at: http://www.teachers-teachers.com/

Where can I find a list of schools in Alabama including web sites and superintendent names?

Check the Alabama Department of Education website: http://www.alsde.edu/sec/comm/Education Directory/Education Directory.pdf