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Teacher Education Program (TEP)

Requirements for Admission

Students should plan to be fully admitted to the Teacher Education Program (TEP) by the end of their sophomore year in order to proceed optimally through the program.

The following must be accomplished before admission to TEP:

  • Completion of 10 units of credit or the equivalent

  • Cumulative GPA of at least 2.75

  • Successful Completion of ED 201 (Introduction to Education) or EPy 260 (Survey of Exceptional Children)

  • Successful Completion of the Exploratory Teaching experience (ED 199/299/399) during January

  • Passing scores on all 3 sections of the Praxis Core Test

  • Background check (will be discussed in Exploratory Teaching)

  • Submit a writing sample and application prior to your TEP Interview

  • Successful interview with two or more members of education. Your electronic portfolio (begun in your first education course) and writing sample will be assessed at this time.

While these criteria are being met, students may take education courses that do not require TEP admission as a prerequisite, but students are not allowed to have more than FIVE professional education courses before admission to TEP.