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The BSC Internship Program

The BSC internship program is a critical part of the BSC educational experience where at BSC we like to think of the BSC educational experience as: "Explore, Experience, Excel." Students have the opportunity to explore their passions through courses in a variety of disciplines. Students gain experience through experiential learning such as internships. Students excel outside the classroom in various campus organizations and in the Birmingham community.

BSC students are among the brightest in the nation and have undergone rigorous academic training. More importantly, they have done training in the field of business administration within a broader liberal arts context, which requires them to be able to go beyond mastering a single subject. They must also demonstrate that they can think critically, communicate well and connect ideas from across disciplines. That means that they are intellectually agile, have creative insights and are ready to learn from you when they exit the classroom and enter begin an internship.

Of course we understand that classroom learning is critical but also insufficient. To truly become the business professionals of tomorrow, our students must have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in a real-time business context. Many previous businesses were so impressed with their BSC intern that they hired them to return after graduation as full-time employees!

Internship Resume Booklet: The students whose resumes are included in this booklet are ready to explore their potential, experience the world of work, and excel under your guidance.

Internship Brochure: Provides more information about the Internship Initiative at BSC

Quotes from program participants

Billy McMahon - Prior McCormick - "My internship with Pryor McCormick Investments has given me skills that I do not believe can be taught in a classroom. The value of being able to do real world work while still in college cannot be measured. I have learned many new skills from my internship, but most importantly I have identified areas that can be improved on before I enter the workforce. "

Will Fagan - Innerconn Resources - "Work experience for any undergrad is invaluable, and I feel it will help me have a competitive advantage as I enter the beginnings of my career. The team at Interconn was very instrumental throughout the internship by allowing my work partner and I to make and carry out impactful decisions regarding our project, making the internship very authentic." 

Phillip Brol -Freshnecks - "With ambitions of becoming an entrepreneur one day, the BSC internship program was invaluable to my future. Being able to work directly with the CEO of a start-up is an experience I will never forget."

Tyler Busby - Interconn Resources - "My internship experience gave me the opportunity to get an early look-in at the business world, and how my classes at BSC have helped prepare me with the tools I need. Also, having an internship I was able to build confidence in the work setting and focus on my strengths and weaknesses."

Jimmy Dugal -Vulcan Park and Museum - "My internship allowed me to gain hands on experience in the real world and put my BSC education into practice."

Kyle Doiron - Innovation Depot - "Whether you are entering the job market or continuing on to graduate school the experiences one acquires during an internship are invaluable. You learn both the practical skills to compliment what you have learned in the classroom and more importantly what you do and don't want to do for the rest of your life. No college experience is complete without one."

Scout Turner - CTS - "Through my internship I was able to gain first- hand experience in the field of human resources as well as acclimate myself to a professional office environment. The skills that I learned and the connections that I made at CTS will help me to build my professional network in hopes of more similar opportunities in the future."

Each BSC student currently seeking an internship has a short video resumes for you to review.  Please click on the names below to be introduced to these outstanding BSC students.

Current Students

Alexis Adams

Gabby Joiner Graham Spencer

David Bourbannais

Brandon Marino

Kristen Stempak

Austin Bryan

Billy McMahon

Visva Subramaniam

Tyler Busby

Caleb McVicker

Jamie Sullivan

Will Fagan

Ashley Parsons

Jennifer Sullivan

Austin Fann

Conor Perine

Zach Wagner

Nick Goska

Ethan Ramsey

Kendall Watson

Alumni Video: Megan Goggins