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Birmingham Area Consortium for Higher Education ( BACHE)

The four-year colleges and universities that serve the Birmingham area have a long record of cooperation with one another. Building on that history, the Presidents of Birmingham-Southern, Miles College, Samford University, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and the University of Montevallo created the Birmingham Area Consortium for Higher Education ( BACHE) to enhance and strengthen educational opportunities available to the students and the community.

Students, faculty, and staff at BACHE institutions may access the resources of all the member libraries by simply presenting their valid ID cards. Students enrolled full-time at a BACHE institution who are in good academic standing may also take undergraduate courses at another BACHE campus at no additional charge. The procedure for taking a course through this cooperative program follows.

Registration— This must be completed prior to the opening of a new term at the BACHE institution. Registration for courses may be completed in the Records Office. As listed on the academic calendar, the last day to add a course each term is also the last day to register for a BACHE institution course. Schedules of courses are available in the Records Office and online.

Approval— A student must have the approval of an advisor, the faculty of the major if the desired course is in the student’s major field, and the Provost. If the course is a required course in another area, the faculty of that area in which the course is included should be consulted as to its suitability. (A student must be taking at least three units at Birmingham-Southern during a regular term in order to register for one course at a BACHE institution.)

Credit— Work at a BACHE institution is given credit as if it were taken at Birmingham-Southern; however, courses taken through BACHE may not fulfill an Explorations Curriculum requirement needing a course certified with a two-letter outcome designation. The course will be included in the Birmingham-Southern credit for that term and will not be treated as transfer credit. Usually, only one course per term is permitted. BACHE courses may not be used to redeem Birmingham-Southern courses.

Cost— Except for associated laboratory and other special fees, there is no additional cost to a student who is taking at least three units at Birmingham-Southern at the time of enrollment at a BACHE institution.