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Progress, standing, and grades

Progress & standing

All students are expected to make consistent progress toward a degree. Full‑time students must complete graduation requirements within five calendar years. Satisfactory progress is determined by two factors: the number of units completed each year and the grade-point average (GPA).

Transfer students and other students in certain circumstances will be allowed some additional time for completing degree requirements.

Class standing (sophomore, junior, etc.) is determined by the number of units completed, not by the number of years in college. For example, a student would be considered a sophomore if he or she has completed at least eight but fewer than 16 regular term units.

Detailed information on classification of students and academic progress can be found in the Catalog under Academic Policy and Information.

Information about your individual class standing, GPA, and academic progress can be obtained from your advisor or the Records Office.

You will also find a useful link to a GPA calculator at the Records page.

If you believe an error has been made in the calculation or recording of a final course grade, see your professor. For additional information, see the Grade Appeal Policy.

When a student's grades fall below the required standard (1.00 GPA) for any one term, or when the student is otherwise not making satisfactory progress, the Provost may place the student on academic probation.

Placement on academic probation alerts the student of the need to seek help from the Academic Resource Center and to improve study habits. It also alerts the academic advisor to the student's situation. Students on probation are restricted from holding any student office, participating in intercollegiate athletics, or otherwise publicly representing the College. Such restrictions are intended to allow students to focus on improving their academic performance.

If you are placed on academic probation, you should speak with your advisor immediately to develop a plan for improving your work. If your situation doesn't improve, you risk suspension from the College. Specific questions can be directed to Assistant Provost Martha Ann Stevenson, mstevens@bsc.edu.