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Planning: Getting started

Planning an academic program consists of integrating five main components. Follow the links to find out more. ;

  1. The Explorations curriculum

    • Requires that students take courses that meet five criteria: Connectivity, Communication, Creative Problem Solving, Civic Engagement, and Self Direction.

    • In addition, each student must take one unit in each of four areas: fine and performing arts, social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities

  2. A major (and minor, if you choose to pursue one)

    • Students must declare a major by the end of their sophomore year.

    • For a list of majors and minors, click here.

  3. Exploration Term;
    Each student must take two E-Term courses, including one in their first year

  4. Any (optional) academic enhancement programs you choose, including the following programs:

  5. Any pre-professional programs you choose, such as Pre-Health or Pre-Law, and career considerations