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Planning for registration

Students develop their own course schedules for each term in consultation with their advisors. Two objectives of college are to enhance and broaden your interests. While your interests should guide the development of your schedule, pay careful attention to the Explorations Curriculum requirements, major and/or minor requirements, and any special programs, such as study abroad or honors, in which you wish to be involved. Your advisor will have specific recommendations for you, and your individual needs will depend on your preferences, plans, and long-term goals.

There are many questions to consider each time you register, but these will get you started:

  • Are you fulfilling Explorations Curriculum learning outcomes requirements? Keep in mind that you need not complete all the Explorations requirements in your first and second year.
  • Which courses in your major or minor are offered only periodically and which are offered regularly?
  • Have you taken important prerequisites for your major or minor? In some majors, it is important to take some courses early so that you are qualified to take other required courses later.
  • Are you taking a variety of courses from different disciplines? The liberal arts philosophy encourages breadth. Be sure to provide yourself with an interesting variety.
  • Will you be able to schedule work and study time around your class schedule?

Before you register, you should:

  • Review Explorations Curriculum requirements and major or minor requirements in the Catalog.
  • Obtain a copy of the class schedule and a registration form. The schedules and forms are available in the Records Office in the Student Services building and at the Records Web site.
  • Check course availability and enrollment through TheSIS.
  • Develop your own tentative schedule to discuss with your advisor.
  • Finally, make an appointment to discuss your plan with your advisor, who must approve your classes.